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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 

# I miss your hugs, your laughter and love everything about you <3
# Act , I do not have to be in a chat things right with you all but I want to share all my problems and all the sweet and bitter memories with you all. Iutterly missed him, the two weeks he would return to the bosom of myback but I hope there is nothing bad happened between me and himlast. I hope so. Hahaa , pndai sngguh aen speakingg mlm ny . sory if ape yg aen ckp korangg tkphmm . aen speakingg tonggang trbalik je tuhh . hahaha . if korangg nk tw , juz g kt  pakcikk google translate eh . lalalala~ malam ny aen sje mngisi masa dgn blogg . dluu aen slalu update blog tgh2 malam but now dh jarangg . now aen slalu update pg or ptg jeh haa . lgponn bf aen tkbg aen on9 lme2 cbb dy tk sukee , dy tkot aen mngtal kt fb . eheee , uww cbb skangg aen dh jarangg nk on9 lme2 ny . lgponn bosann gk on9 lme2 . bkn ade2 pape pon , if ade babebOo aen tuhh , tkdela aen bosann . bole aen webcm ngn dy , hehe . lg 2mggu dy nk blek cny . yess aen mmg tk saba nk meet dy nty . Alhamdulillah hbngn kiteorngg still dpt pertahankan lg smpai skangg walauponn ade kalanyee hbngn kiteorngg ny byk goyangnyee . but aen still bole handle lg , slagi aen mampu , slagi tuh laa aen akn pertahankan hbngn kiteorng . if ade mase aen update blog ny lg k guys . bye2 , sayOnara ^^,
#As long as I can, as long as I also will defend our relationship is love.Do not never give up love :')

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