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Monday, January 2, 2012 

#wlaupOn awk  bz kt sne , but awk always contact sy ye biy ? THANKS for take care abOut me :') haty sy sdeh but happy awk tak lupekan sy kt snie , sy tak kan CURANG ngn awk kt snie k ? ny jnji ite kt  awk ken biy ? k ite akn bktikan awk yg ite tk kan mgtl ngn bOy lain kt snie . awk pOn jgn mgtl & menggedik kat sne ye biy . sy sntisa doakan yg terbaik tOk awk & hbngn ite ny . tanpa awk , life ite sunyi dgn gelak tawa awk & smua sikap awk tuh laaa . ite rndukan awk sgt-2 :'( if ite tak bz kt snie , sy & family sy akn dtg mlawat awk kt sne :') so , ilang sikett sdeh ny . hee :'D
#btw , mcm laaaa si babe boo ite tuh dpt bce post ite ny kan ? hikkk . takpela , jnji ite dh luahkan ape yg ite nak bgtw kt dy :') thanks for the read ^_^ kbaiii ...

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