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Saturday, January 7, 2012 

#Ade korang twu perasaan aen cmne now ?
#Act , ite failed test comptr for lesen L (moto) . first time plk tuhhh . shock jgk laaa time akak yg bg ite paper psl result test comptr tuhh . dy bulatkan yg ite failed :'( ase mnyesal smua ade laa time tuhh . tuh laa padahnyerr bace novel lg then mencarOt kt owg lesen tuh . cm ape jeh kannn . ishhh , bnde ny pOn nk tensiOn but bkn ape laaa kan , ite mls nk test comptr dh cbb lameee glerr nak tggu laaaa kan . owg nyerr pon bkn 2 or 3 owg but 63 -..-  hurr ~ mggu dpn aey sbtuu bruu buat blek test comptr , ishh mls btol nk pg :'\ k laa , not in moOd . bye :\

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