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Monday, December 5, 2011 

Actually aen update blog ny pon cbb aen rnduu kt bf aen laaa . bru jeh ptg tdy dy blek hostel kt teknik slim . selasa ngn khmis dy ade exam lg laaa . takpe itew sggop tggu biy itew ny blek . btw itew rnduu kt dy cecangat aww :') awk mampu buat itew tersnyumm blek kan sayang ? awk pon dh knl ngn fmily itew kan kan ? fmily itew pon dh knl ngn awk . i hope u can still with me forever & ever k sayang :) ex-gf awk pon ckp awk ny baik hati aww . btw itew pon dpt ase cmtuu time fist date & first itew knl . awk caring , baik hati , jujo & understanding aww :] 
#If ex-bf itew nak itew blek , itew tk kan pilih dy dh cbb dy dh sketkn aty itew . itew taknak sketkn aty awk plk . awk terlalu baik buat itew aww . awk sggop nges dmi itew kan ? if tak cyer cmlm awk nges dpn mata itew sndry kan kan ? cbb awk tk sggop nk tggl kn itew sorng2 kt cny kan ? then itew lapkan air mata awk . awk ckp awk tkpnh nges cbb girl . but ngn cyg , biy nges kan ? hmp cian kat biy itew aww :'(
tpy itew dh pujok dy . hikhik . susa kan nk tgk laky mnanges ? tpy ngn dy aen ase romantic aww . best cgt cbb dy mmpunyai ciri2 yg aen nak slme ny . takde sifat yg pns baran :) i hope we can happy after that forever & ever . kbaii , nyte you all . tata :*

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