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Di tag Oleh Cik Eyka Aishiteru Sweetalavias -.-
Monday, June 20, 2011 

Aen Di tag For 1 Contest nyh , Tjok contest tu ( CONTEST BEST PHOTO OF ME BY YANA ELLYANA )
firstly , aen mls nk join contest2 nyh tp nk buad cmne kn ? tga bosan2 so , tu yg aen pke2 . tkpela , nk join lh contest nyh ... Hehe ... Btw Jp ehh ~~ Lailai , maw upload pic jp k :)
Nur Ain
sory lh cbb pic tk sbrpe nk okay btw nth npe en , aen suke plk tgk pic nyh . Haha ... pic nyh aen snap time nk blek kg . dlm krete otw maw blek taiping ... HAHA :D 
btw tengs eyka cbb tag aen okay :)
Aen nk tag kt : una pedora , Shu , Neni :)

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